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Radical life renovation:
the COMPLETE remodel

You + me. Let's get radical.


If you're down to anchor joy and explode with a newfound confidence, I've got you.


This explosively fun and premium course follows the structure of my book, Radical Life Renovation, and expands upon it with colorful anecdotes, heartwarming insights and revolutionary research, bolstered by spirited kinship and soulful support.

You'll receive cozy, engaging video coaching sessions (packed with real-life stories that'll transport and inspire you) for each phase of the book–18 in total, transforming visualization exercises and weekly drops of high-powered encouragement, thoughtfully designed to spark healing, bring clarity and breathe life into your dreams and desires.

Yours. No one else's.


Heal the Past, Reclaim Your Power & Build a Future You Love


This energizing, life-changing program is for...

-anyone who's ever had their heart or spirit broken.

-dreamers who are dying to become doers.

-victims who are ready to become victors.

-enemies of self who are ready to become their own best friend.

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yES, You have the authority to create a more beautiful future for yourself.

A little more than a decade ago, I changed my life so fast, it made heads spin. Including my own. After a family-wide tragedy in early childhood, including the loss of my mother, and a trail of trauma-driven decisions in the decades that followed, I had a world of beliefs, indoctrinations, generational conditionings, oppressions and patterns to HEAL AND TRANSFORM.

I had a world of grief and pain to re-conceptualize. And, when I learned how to do that, it was as though my life had been re-scripted by a far more kind, generous and gracious screenwriter. And that's because it was.

Which, my kindred spirit, is precisely what this program is about!

After having worked with some of the most brilliant psychologists, neuroscientists, spiritual thought leaders and famed entrepreneurs of our modern day, included Deepak Chopra, Dr. Caroline Leaf and Gabby Bernstein, for dozens upon dozens of magazine stories in the realms of mental health, relationships, wellness and self-optimization, and after becoming an impassioned student of my own healing and personal power, I've made the quest for human fulfillment my playground of discovery and understanding. 

And I'm excited to share everything I've learned with you.

Lacey Johnson, Author of Radical Life Renovation: Heal the Past, Reclaim Your Power & Build a Future You Love

"You know that person you've always fantasized about becoming? Here you are. You know that life you've long dreamt about? It's not whistling around the corner or seducing you from a distant universe; it's right here, at your doorstep."

Lacey Johnson
Radical Life Renovation

This transformative program
is THOUGHTFULLY designed to...

  • Expose the sabotaging beliefs, habits and patterns that have long contaminated your mindset so that you can scrub and sweep them away.

  • Reenergize your brainpower and spotlight the true desires of your heart.

  • Reimagine and renegotiate what's possible, in every nook and corner of your life.

  • Begin to view the mistakes, regrets and traumas from the past in a more empowered light.

  • Determine the "should"s that've been disguising themselves as "want"s.

  • Unlock newfound doorways of confidence, delight, possibility and wonder.

  • Embrace and celebrate the mega-monumental event that is your rare and supernatural existence.

  • Consciously revise your vision for the future, and design and style an enlivening, step-by-step path toward its realization.

  • Wake you up to a more beautiful dream.


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Four strategic phases of transformation

No one gets to live inside of your story, but you.

IN THIS PROGRAM, I'LL BE WALKING WITH YOU ALL THE WHILE, POINTING you down a pathway toward the realization of your own fulfillment, JOY and success, whatever that UNIQUELY means for you.





Your happiness is your responsibility.

You're far more powerful and resilient than you may've ever imagined, but you can't access any of that power and resilience if...

  • you're afraid you don't deserve it.

  • you shrink at the thought of stepping into it.

  • you feel guilty at the thought of loving and prioritizing yourself.

  • you're habitually searching for it in all of the sad and lonely places you'll never find it.

  • you're unconsciously operating from a system of cultural, familial or societal conditionings that have imprisoned you for way too long.

In this energizing, life-giving mastermind, you'll get:

  • Your premium copy of the Radical Life Renovation workbook (a/k/a your personal sanctuary and dearest companion).

  • 18+ cozy, transforming video coaching sessions–packed full of comfort, wisdom and delightful surprises.

  • 2 guided audio visualization exercises to soothe your nervous system and accelerate mindset rehabilitation.

  • In-depth explanations of the data, research and science presented in the workbook.

  • Enlightening examples, zesty conversation starters and bonus story times that unlock the book's lessons in powerful ways.

  • Fun-loving drops of encouragement and support to keep you fired up and focused.

  • Do you need to buy the book first?
    Nope; I've got you! A shiny copy will be landing in your mailbox, along with some extra tokens of goodness and love, shortly after enrollment. If you already own the book (thank you kindly!), feel free to gift the extra copy to a friend, should you feel inclined, although I suggest starting fresh with the course. The in-depth, transformative nature of the The Radical Life Renovation Course: A Multi-Dimensional Remodel is going to open up a new realm of self-discovery for you.
  • How long does the program take to complete?
    I've designed it for you to trek along a nine-week path, but you're free to create your own timeline. And, if something happens in your life to disrupt your flow, the content is yours to return to and access forever!
  • What types of extras are in the course vs. the book?
    While there'll be lots of fun-filled, life-unlocking surprises, here's a glimpse... A wealth of transforming videos (18+) with fascinating stories, in-depth explanations, unique challenges and revelations. An impactful audio component with guided visualization exercises you can use and return to forever. Drops of encouragement and life-giving prompts delivered straight to your inbox or text messages, custom-designed to fuel your endurance and light up your goals.
  • What kind of guidance and support will I get from it?
    The videos and audio exercises offer a world of inspirations and insights not found in the book, and you'll feel like you're having a heart-to-heart talk with a dear friend who's affirming, celebrating and rooting for you to not only win, but achieve the kind of fulfillment, joy and peace you've always wanted. The occasional drops of encouragement, which will land in your orbit at unexpected times, are a huge favorite for many, and are guaranteed to empower and enlighten you–keeping you fired up, focused and fueled with self-belief.
  • What specific types of results can I expect?
    The exercises, rituals and concepts packaged in this course are many of the specific tools that helped me rescript my life a decade ago–ending a nightmarish relationship, rehabilitating my damaged perception of myself and the world, healing destructive and trauma-driven patterns, meeting my husband, launching a successful career writing for top magazines and fulfilling my life-long dream of becoming a mother. Other key elements are drawn from the top mental health experts and spiritual thought leaders I've interviewed, and the epiphanies I've experienced in the years since my personal transformation (moving through four years of unexplained infertility and surviving a near-fatal accident two years ago). There's no toxic psychology here; this program won't give you immunization from pain or problems; we're not interested in spinning anything. Instead, these tools will help you re-conceptualize your life experiences in a way that expands and liberates you, and will show you how to be your most courageous, intentional empowered self within whatever is–and whatever might–come your way.
  • How do I know if this program is a fit for me and my goals?
    If you're on fire to make radical, head-spinning changes–whether in business or career, in your sense of personal confidence, direction, identity, freedom or fulfillment, or in relationships that aren't working, this course is for you. Some of my participants include... women going through crushing breakups or divorces, and struggling to rebuild their sense of self. brave warriors undergoing cancer treatments. fragile hearts grieving the loss of a loved one they never imagined living without. nervous, shaky aspiring entrepreneurs who are desperate to part ways with a soul-sucking job or career, people whose lives were flipped upside down–emotionally, financially, logistically, socially–due to the unexpected whims of Covid. Regardless of your individual circumstances, if you're tired of feeling like there's a champion inside of you, dying to come out swinging, but can't figure out how to unlock the marvelous entity from your brain cells, come hither. I've been there and I've got some exciting ideas to share with you.
  • How much does it cost?
    Stay tuned! I'll offer several payment plans and options, which includes a huge discount during the preorder phase.
  • When will the course be available?
    The original version was in beta for a while, but Lacey made some exciting professional shifts and has decided to release the Mastermind after she's served some time and soaked up more knowledge within her Master's psychotherapy program. Having said that, expect enrollment doors are expected to swing open in early 2024.


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