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Greetings beautiful soldier! Welcome to my cozy, impassioned corner of the internet.


I’m an experienced journalist, editor, and storyteller with a Bachelor's degree in journalism from Belmont University who joyfully shimmied back to the classroom to earn my Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Lipscomb University (I'll graduate in 2025 and hope to be your therapist!) I'm also the author of Radical Life Renovation: A Guided Program to Heal the Past, Reclaim Your Power & Build a Future You Love, which is a soulful fusion of delicious stories, transforming rituals, and science-backed exercises in a convenient workbook format. 

My aim is simple: spark conversations and spotlight ideas that unlock hearts, energize minds, and celebrate the human experience in vivid, useful ways.

In my (almost) decade-long career, I’ve had the luxury of working with a juicy roster of top mental health experts, wellness gurus, spiritual thought leaders, and some of the most Googled trailblazers in the world, including Deepak Chopra, Daymond John, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Kimberly Snyder, Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Gabby Bernstein. 

In the early days, I founded The Daily Doll, a beauty, lifestyle, and wellness blog that spawned dozens of syndications on The Huffington Post and YourTango, and garnered tens of thousands of shares on Pinterest.


After its success, I spent two years as editor-in-chief for The Connect, an inspired living magazine, and have since written countless essays, deep-dive explainers and feature stories for top women-geared media sources including Oprah Daily (even making my fancy way to a couple of times–who knew?!), Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Woman's Day, Redbook, and POPSUGAR—many of which have been syndicated by Apple News, MSN and Yahoo!, and have allowed me to be a featured guest on a variety of top Forbes and iHeartMedia podcasts.​

My love for humans led me here. Of course, along with a deep, insatiable intrigue for our behaviors, and a fiery passion for smacking readers in the face with comfort, liberation, and invitations toward truth.


In my work, I call upon my vault of personal experiences in the realms of childhood trauma, grief, and the world of dysfunctions that result when pain is avoided and poorly understood, including a crushing, family-wide tragedy when I was 6 years old, abusive romantic relationships in young adulthood, a heartbreaking stretch of infertility before birthing my miracle daughter and a near-fatal accident not long ago.


Everything I do is to fling open doorways of beauty, epiphany, possibility, and, ultimately, transformation.


This space exists for me to not only share my work as a seasoned journalist and to document my journey into psychotherapy, but to also have a playground where I'll unravel my stories, illuminate impactful stories and insights that've struck me and lit me up along the way and, mostly, to invite you to take a broader, more empowered gaze at the story of “you.”


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