radical life renovation

Heal the past, Reclaim Your Power and Build a Future You Love.

This interactive book is a luminous, four-phase approach to reconceptualize the past, return to your power and custom-design a life you never have to run away from, created by a mental health and relationships journalist and trauma expert.

The experience includes:


  • Soulful storytelling

  • Transforming exercises and prompts

  • Life-unlocking rituals

  • Empowering science and research

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Every day I wake up grateful to stretch my body, be kissed by the sunshine and hug my husband and little girl. In my life, I've seen wonderful things and overcome awful things–having survived a family-wide tragedy in early childhood and a near-death experience just a year ago.

That's why I'm a multi-passionate writer, editor and journalist who’s committed to sparking rare and invaluable conversations that unlock hearts, energize minds and swing open new doorways of possibility.

In my almost 10-year career, I've worked with a fascinating range of top mental health experts, spiritual thought leaders and famed personalities including Deepak Chopra, Daymond John, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Dr. Venus Nicolino (“Dr. V”) and Gabby Bernstein. Along the way, I’ve served as editor-in-chief of an inspired living magazine and executive lifestyle editor for a beauty and fashion magazine, and have written countless essays and feature stories for top women-geared media sources including Oprah.com, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Oprah Daily, Woman's Day, Mirabella and POPSUGAR—many of which have been syndicated by Apple News, MSN and Yahoo!, and shared millions of times. You can also find me as a featured guest on a variety of Forbes' top podcasts.


Which means that love notes from all corners of the globe have landed in my DMs and emails, thanking me for serving as solace during a nasty breakup, a guide for carving out boundaries with in-laws, a spotlight for narcissists in social circles, and the courage to do everything from exile their breast implants and reclaim their health, to turn their nose up at mom guilt and reclaim their identity and zest for life in more vivid ways after giving birth. It delights me to imagine that my words are probably scribbled in journals and pinned to bathroom mirrors I’ll never see.


With a deep intrigue for science, and a fiery passion for smacking my readers in the face with comfort and truth, the human quest for authentic expression, joy and transformation is my playground of discovery. This inspired me to call upon my vault of personal and professional experiences and create the Radical Life Renovation: A Guided Program to Heal the Past, Reclaim Your Power & Build a Future You Love.


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