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Award-Winning Writer. Passionate Journalist. Diligent Editor.

Lacey Johnson is an award-winning essayist, editor and journalist who has worked with a diverse range of celebrated experts, spiritual thought leaders and mental health professionals including Deepak Chopra, Daymond John, Gabby Bernstein, Dr. Caroline Leaf and many more.

She is founder of The Wonder Report, a empowering, women-geared media platform, and her work can be read in a variety of top print and digital media sources including Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, POPSUGAR, O, The Oprah Magazine and others—many of which have been syndicated by Apple News, MSN and Yahoo! millions of times. She's also been a featured guest on a variety of Forbes' top podcasts such as Earn Your Happy and Minding the Mental Mess.

With a deep intrigue for human beings, and a fiery passion for smacking her readers in the face with life-unlocking truths, she writes and reports boldly and introspectively about topics that challenge the status quo—always with the goal of inspiring total self-optimization.


While in the process of finishing a massive book project about transforming pain and setbacks into personal power, she recently released a digital workbook entitled the 21-Day Radical Life Renovation: A Guided Program to Anchor Joy, Explode With Confidence and Redesign Your Future, that’s garnering rave reviews, nonstop shares and grateful praise from readers.






"Lacey is one of the most moving, gripping, eloquent writers I’ve ever met. She is a true modern day wordsmith, knowing how to cut straight to your heart, not only in written word, but also as a speaker. I’ve had the honor of having her on my podcast, Earn Your Happy, and her episode got rave reviews and incredible downloads. Lacey is extremely diverse and creative in her ability to communicate - she's is profoundly talented in connecting with humans and extracting the stories that people are craving in her interviews and articles. I am currently begging her to get a book out in the world, simply because I can’t wait to read every single delicious word for myself. I know when Lacey speaks, she stirs something in people that we've been waiting to feel for a long time."

- Lori Harder, Founder of The Bliss Project & bestselling author of A Tribe Called Bliss

"I'm a big fan of Lacey Johnson's—with good reason. A top-notch professional and inspiring individual, Lacey's curiosity, enthusiasm and sense of wonder fuel an exceptional ability to discover and then unveil the crux of a story with bewitching sentences that hold her readers captive. I became acquainted with Lacey more than two years ago when I went to work for the magazine where she was editor-in-chief. I've found her to be ambitious and diligent yet wise and benevolent, giving her the unusual ability to challenge writers like me but also connect with them personally. Her energy and love of the craft of writing is delectably contagious. I want to be like Lacey when I grow up."

- Toni Lepeska, essayist and journalist

"Aside from a beautiful way with words, Lacey has a devotion to storytelling. We were introduced by my PR team for a feature article that Lacey was to write. We spent over an hour on the phone. Lacey wanted to really know me, my motivation and wrote a gorgeous piece. I've been interviewed and written about many times, but no one has taken the time nor care that Lacey did to make sure who I was touched paper."

- Jeanette Schneider, author of Lore: Harnessing Your Past to Create Your Future



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